Karen Knorr, artist

Karen Knorr is a truly international artist, an American photographer born in Germany, raised in Puerto Rico and educated in Paris and London. Her beautiful, and often humorous images, explore the meaning of place, commenting on issues such as gender, class and society. Her body of work ‘Fables’ features places of social and historical importance with animals superimposed onto them so that animals appear to inhabit the very places they are not usually allowed – stately homes, temples and museums. Sensual, beautiful and often quiet funny, I love all of them.


I interview Jack du Rose at home

When the jeweller Jack du Rose received a real human skull by special delivery with a request to find out how to recreate it in platinum and diamonds, he had no idea that the artist he was working for was Damien Hirst and the skull was to become the controversial artwork ‘For the Love of God’, selling for a record £50 million. Then Jack was only 24 years old and living with his parents in Birmingham. Now aged just 30 and living in East London, Jack has launched his own jewellery collection called Danger, which was shown at his first solo exhibition last month at Sam Taylor-Wood’s studio in Clerkenwell.

‘Danger’ features eight one-off pieces of jewellery inspired by deadly animals including a diamond-encrusted lion cuff, an emerald poison frog brooch and diamond and ruby jellyfish rings. Each piece is so exquisitely crafted that they should be considered art as much as jewellery and as such, each piece will be sold with its own bell jar and ebony display case, which locks with a gold and diamond scorpion-shaped key. Prices start at £220,000 and comparisons to Faberge and Lalique spring to mind. His loft style home, which he shares with his fiancee, is a fascinating reflection of his passion for dangerous creatures, antique scientific paraphernalia and vintage curiosities. I visited him this week with Ingrid Rasmussen to interview him and photograph his home and found him to be a true gentleman, a lovely man and an incredibly exciting talent.

Whilst chatting with Jack, I was privileged to be able to try on his Octopus bracelet, aptly named ‘Temptation’. Set with a dazzling array of golden sapphires, opals and diamonds (and worth a staggering £550,000) it was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever seen and testament to his skill as a designer, craftsman and artist. Keep checking back with me for images of Jack at home and the full incredible story of his success.


I have the most beautiful white and pale pink anemones on my table at the moment. They make me smile every day. In tribute to them and in an attempt to share them with you, check out this little film of fading anemones.

Claire Basler

Images via livelovelibre

I have just discovered the work and home of the French artist Claire Basler… Where have I been? Her work is utterly beautiful and her home is utterly inspirational. I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered her. Each room in her home is filled with vibrant blooms set against clean minimal lines, offset by a brooding palette and perfectly complimented by pretty vintage furniture. Love, love, love.

Prints by Clerkinkwell

My lovely friend Huw Griffith, who is a bit of an interiors guru being Interiors Editor of the new uber cool Port magazine, a wonderful stylist and creator of some of the most beautiful vintage upcycled homewares ever, has embarked on another fabulous venture producing posters with pithy quotes to adorn your walls. Clerkinkwell prints are produced using a 19th Century Wharfedale stop-cylinder letterpress, original fruitwood letter-face printing blocks, hand-mixed vegetable based inks and handmade paper so that no two posters are exactly alike. Other quotes include ‘Never, never, never give up’ and my favourite ‘God Loves a Trier’. Prints cost £80 framed and £40 unframed.