Melanie Porter chairs

This week’s Interior Design Notebook in the Telegraph Magazine features Melanie Porter’s vintage chairs reupholstered in knitted designs. Combining the current vogue for all things craft, knitted or needlework with the enduring appeal of vintage furniture, Porter has hit upon a clear winner with her latest project. Below is David Nicholls’ piece on Porter for the Interior Design Notebook page, which I assist him with…


Purl one

Over the course of her 10-year career, the knitwear designer Melanie Porter has worked for brands including Burberry, Pringle and N Peal. Now she is applying her skill to furniture, taking vintage chairs and upholstering them in her one-off knitted designs. Shown here is Bob, a 1960s chair that has been dressed in a hand-knitted patchwork cover.

He took two months to create and costs £2,000. Prices start at £1,200 (

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